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Home Visits

I provide in home visits during pregnancy to discuss your birthing plans and desires for me as your Birth Doula. I provide virtual visits if you are uncomfortable meeting during the pandemic. 

Reiki Master

Families I am offering Reiki Healing to families as a holistic way to cleanse energy and toxins from your body during pregnancy and after. 

Lactation Consultant

I am a CLC working towards becoming an IBCLC. I will assist with lactation education and counseling as much as I can. If there is something I am unable to assist with I will refer you to an IBCLC who can assist you. 

Waistbeads & Belly Binding

I make waist beads to monitor and track weight gain and loss during pregnancy and post partum. I provide traditional African Belly Binding to ensure the best abdomen health. 

Birth Doula

I serve as a Birth Doula to all family dynamics. I also serve as a Post Partum Doula based on need right now. 


I have studied Herbs to assist during pregnancy, post partum, and women's health in general. I can assist you with herbs that will help with some discomforts during your pregnancy and after. 

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